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LED Light Therapy

The girls at total beauty offer full body, non-contact, painless skin rejuvenation.
Rapidly reduces blemishes and scarring
Effective acne treatment and removal
Reduces signs of ageing and helps tighten large pores
Boosts collagen production
Detachable panel design to treat all shapes and sizes
4 Colour modes each with unique dermal benefits
Non-invasive, gentle and 100% UV-free

     Led light therapy 60mins / $120
   Led light therapy 30mins / $70
Add on peel / $40

Scientifically-proven colour-specific treatment benefits:
Red // - boosts collagen formation to help smooth wrinkles, this mitigating the effects of ageing. Contains wound healing properties, heals severe burns, helps with skin repair. Energizes and relieves congestion of the liver. Stimulates the production of adrenal hormones. Increases the production of mood elevating and pain reducing neurotransmitters (endorphins and enkephelins).

Blue //  - bacteria in acne contains Porphyrins, which are killed by blue light. Also calms nerves and builds vitality – resets the biological clock and has a cooling and soothing affect which can assist with the healing of burns.

 Green // - a detoxifier and aphrodisiac, contains anti-bacterial properties helping to strengthen the immune system. Also helps relieve stress. It helps to balance colour pigment as well.

 Yellow // -It has a special 590mm wavelengths it can improve the exchange of oxygen in the cells. It helps to decompose pigment and helps promote faster lymphatic draining improving the appearance of dull skin.

Clear blue//- It can enhance cell energy and has a good metabolism facilitating effect.

White//- It can penetrate the skin deeply, so to accelerate the tissue metabolism. It decomposes colour spots an improves the apparent office lines and wrinkles,

Derma Needling

Micro-needling treatment with no downtime – just great results!

Have you always wanted to try skin needling but the downtime is putting you off? We’ve found the solution for you! DermaFrac is a micro-needling machine that offers simultaneous delivery of infused ingredients in a pain-free, no blood and no downtime treatment.
The DermaFrac treatment is designed to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal to plump, firm and smooth the skin, DermaFrac can improve the appearance of many skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, brown spots and pigmentation, open pores, congested skin, mild acne scarring, and dry and dehydrated skin.
The DermaFrac treatment punctures the skin with very small stainless steel tips, these tips enter into the skin to a depth that is ideal for producing positive natural responses of collagen and elastin. Combining this with simultaneous infusion of serums is what makes the treatment unique. Not only does DermaFrac encourage the body’s natural responses but the serums are delivered to the ideal depth in the skin for maximum absorption and effect.
DermaFrac allows you to see improvement in as little as just one treatment!
If you wish to retain those benefits, a series of six treatments is recommended, so you will experience more even, smoother, plumper skin.  The treatment takes around 60 minutes for a full face session and a soothing Peptide Mask will be applied following your DermaFrac treatment. Packages are also available.

12 Week Skin Care package

6 Facials
6 Lacto Peels
12 LED light therapy

SAVE $250

6 Lacto peels
6 Dermapen
12 LED Light therapy

SAVE $1200

6 Facials
6 dermapen
12 LED Light therapy

Save $230

A deposit of 10%  is required upon signup to treatment and is non refundable. 1 treatment a week for 12 weeks. All treatments must be used within 16 weeks. Treatments are 45-60 mins. Packages can be paid per treatment or in full (minus deposit)


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