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IPL Services 

Here at Total Beauty we offer IPL treatments, ranging from Photo Rejuvenation which is an advanced skin treatment that improves and combats an array of skin conditions including Pigmentation, Ageing, Acne, Sun Damage and Scarring - Right through to IPL Hair Removal, a permanent hair removal solution that will have your skin smooth and hair-free in just 8-12 treatments.

Hair removal

IPL Hair removal Services
All hair removal areas are available in packages as well

IPL Consultation $45

Between Eyebrows   $45
Upper lip $55
Upper and Lower Lip   $80
Chin $50
Half Face  $110
Full Face   $170
Underarms $85
Upper arms $95
Lower arms $95
Tummy Line   $60
Bikini   $85
Extended Bikini   $110
Full Brazilian $120
Buttocks $110
Half Legs $160
Full Legs $300
Half Back $110
Full Back $180
Mens Chest/Torso $120

Skin Rejuvenation Packages
Sessions are for all skin concerns price is for the treatment area

Full Face Treatment $180
Or buy 6 treatments for $900

Half face Treatment $140
Or buy 6 treatments for $700

Front or Back of Neck Treatment $65
Or buy 6 treatments for $390

Forehead Treatment $65
Or buy 6 for $390

Lip Treatment $65
Or buy 6 for $390

Back of Hands Treatment $100
Or buy 6 for $500


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